Benefits of Offshore Wind

green energy

Green Energy 
Generating clean, green renewable power from an untapped wind resource in the Celtic Sea. 1GW of energy is enough to power approximately 920, 000 homes.

reduced CO2

Reduced CO2 emissions 
Floating wind will directly contribute to the UK and Welsh governments’ net zero targets. A 1 GW project could save approximately 1,500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

economic benefit

Job Creation & Economic Benefit 
Floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea could deliver over 3,000 jobs and £682 million in local supply chain opportunities by 2030, supporting coastal communities and creating long-term benefits for the region.


Floating offshore wind farms take advantage of consistent and stronger wind with less visual impact for communities on land, whilst reducing our reliance on harmful fossil fuels.

padlock with energy symbol

Security of Energy Supply
Developing home grown green energy means that we can increase our own energy supplies and reduce our reliance on global energy sources. This will also help to stabilise prices and reduce costs.

future generations act

Well-Being of Future Generations Act
Contributes to the ‘Prosperous’ Goal in Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act - an innovative, productive and low carbon society.


Education opportunities in local communities to develop a skilled local workforce.